The Soul Supplies Mission

Our Mission is simple: Serving the homeless community through the hand-delivery of backpacks filled with 40+ essential supplies in an effort to ease the burden of homelessness and provide people with love and support.


Our Purpose

The statistics showcasing the widespread and drastic issue of homeless in Atlanta only show half the issue. The statistics don’t show those who suffer from homelessness slowly dying on the street corner, desperately pleading for help, wrapping their children in scraps found in the nearby trash can. The statistics don’t show the mothers crying because they can’t provide shelter or a meal for their children. The statistics don’t show the man and his dog sleeping on the street being walked over and ignored daily.

This is the reality of homelessness, and this is why Soul Supplies provides valuable and necessary services to the homeless. We provide that next meal for the starving family. We connect the homeless mother and her children to shelter for the night. We give the homeless man hygiene products, so he can prepare for his job interview.

We serve the homeless community in Atlanta by distributing backpacks filled with essential supplies, hygiene products, food, clothes, and a resource guide, as well as connecting people and families to long-term homeless support services.


924 Forest Pond Drive, Marietta, GA 30068
Tel: 770-903-2979

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Soul Supplies, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

EIN: 85-0680102