From our founder, Emory Paul:

Soul Supplies, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Emory Paul, a current high school student in Marietta, Georgia, that is dedicated to raising awareness to the dire issue of homelessness and providing backpacks filled with essential supplies, hygiene products, clothes, food, and a comprehensive list of nearby and available shelters, food banks, and services to the homeless population in downtown Atlanta. Soul Supplies assists the homeless in the short-term with essential and necessary supplies, and helps them long-term by connecting them with homeless services that help them find housing, meals, and jobs if desired.

When passing out the backpacks, we seek to provide an environment where the homeless feel loved and respected, as they are often ignored and degraded by society. To each homeless person we interact with, we shake their hand, ask them their name, and have a genuine conversation with them. In an effort to humanize the homeless population in downtown Atlanta, we provide each person with the opportunity to share their story through our platform to the world in the form of short stories and quotes.